Eli as always was in a great happy mood all of Shabos and we look forward to that mood carrying over into a possibly difficult week back in CHLA. This Shabos was the Bar Mitzva of Joey Brecher whom Eli has become very friendly with and who has spent despite his age many hours entertaining Eli in the hospital. And we wish Joey and his family only besuros tovos and nachas from him and the whole family.

This week is round 6 of 7 of immunotherapy. Eli is scheduled to be back Sunday night until Friday morning. This once again can be a very painful week and as always we hope under these circumstances that the DRs will be wrong and all will beezrat hashem go easy and smooth and start and end as scheduled.

Please daven for Elimelech Ben Basya that it should be a successful pain-free week and the treatment should do only exactly what its meant to do which is bring Eli one step close to a refua shelayma. A GUT VOCH

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