BH we can add another great day to the many that are still ahead. Eli was home most of the day and had a visit from his zaidy and took it easy until it was time for today’s doctor appt. we left at 12:00 for his appointment that first required them to draw blood and then wait for 90 minutes for the results which were BH very good. Eli is now cleared to start round 3 of chemo beezrat Hashem on Monday morning.

While BH all is moving along as scheduled so far we have been warned by his doctor that this round is pretty harsh and can have strong side effects which we are both mentally and physically preparing Eli for. We are hoping that they will be wrong and Eli will be able to breeze thru this treatment as he BH has done pretty well doing.

Shabos hi melizuk and we are davening for miracles and that this should all just go away or at least be as easy and quick as possible on the road to Elimelech Ben Basyas full recovery BKAROV. Gut shabos