Generally doctors are correct but on rare occasions they are wrong and today was one of those days that they were wrong. We were upset for the last 24 hours+ that they felt it necessary to admit Eli into the hospital over a one time fever read. Once your admitted they immediately put you on antibiotics to combat any infection that may be causing the fever. This time due to the fact that Eli was just released 2 days prior for the same reason they decided to give him 2 different antibiotics. I WENT NUTS doping and poisoning Eli because of a wrong fever read when he has so many chemicals and medicine already in his system. Bottom line was they got the results of the culture today and BH he didnt have an infection and never the less decided they should still keep him for one more night. I sent a email to all of the doctors, assistants, oncologists etc explaining that this is incorrect and wrong to do and completely unnecessary and if they don’t discharge Eli we will leave AMA (against medical advice). They finally agreed and at 4:00PM we were finally discharged. MAZAL TOV

They do however want Eli to be observed more then usual for any fever or reactions to all the poisons they gave him which we are doing anyway. We are very happy that IYH Eli will have the day to spend at home and out with his siblings and family on Thursday as unfortunately days like that are few and far in between lately.

We are hoping to have a quiet and peaceful next few days before we need to head back to CHLA for round 3 of Elimelech Ben Basyas chemo treatment. He will need to be inpatient for 4-5 days. Eli’s good mood is really keeping us calm and we are davening that this will only get better with time and that chas vshalom there should be no more bumps in the road big or small.

2 thoughts on “1/23/13

  1. Sylvia Danzer

    We have been davening for Eli, since we heard he was ill. He is in our thoughts every day and hope that he’ll have a speedy refuah Shlaima. Our best wishes for everything to go well for Eli and the rest of the family.
    Kol Tuv,
    Sylvia and Manny Danzer

  2. Liz

    I was once told “you are your child’s only advocate” you were very strong and fought for Eli — AMA — what you thought was right

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