Eli BH was in a great mood that lasted all day. He also enjoyed being able to “light” menora in our room by plugging in the electric menorah that Rabbi Ten from Bikur Cholim sent us. For the other kids at home I was able to leave to be home and light menorah with them and spend a few minutes with them.

IYH tomorrow night in CHLA at 6PM they are having arranged by Bikur Cholim a special Menora lighting in the main cafeteria with a choir, band and latkes and all are invited to watch and join. There is a small possibility they will allow Eli to light one of the candles so he excited about that also.

This week is almost halfway done and beezrat hashem the rest of the week and the remaining treatments will fly by and be pain free for Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley yisroel.