Today did not go as planned at all. What started as a routine sort of planned blood transfusion turned into the doctor wanting to do some more stem cell work to insure that they collected enough stem cells. So instead of being in the hospital for about 3-4 hours turned into 7 hours and then the bad news came. After all that we were finally done the day and they took Eli’s temperature one last time (they take it every 30 minutes during stem cell and transfusions) and boom he had 102.8. Basically fever means you become inpatient for at least 24-48 hours because they start with a culture that they don’t get results until that period of time. In the meantime as a precaution they immediately start Eli on antibiotics to fight any infection that may have caused the fever.

BH we have our family close by and has and is always available to us and so have some of our friends been there non stop along of course with Bikur Cholim and Chai lifeline. The food that is constantly sent and brought is a huge help as Eli bli ayin hora is slowly creeping back to his original weight per diagnosis ( not to mention how much weight we have gained). We were also introduced today to the local Chabad of Los Feliz which we now know for the next time we are here for shabos is extremely close by and has offered their full assistance.

We are hoping that this will just be another minor bump in the road and that all the tests and cultures will come back negative but in the meantime we are davening that Elimelech Ben Basya will continue to be in his upbeat mood he has been in and that the doctors and medications will continue to be the yad Hashem on the long woad to Eli’s refua shelama BKAROV