Elimelech Ben Basya or Eli or the king as we have been calling him lately started chemotherapy late last night (for those of you that don’t know chemo is given by IV and is not BH painful while being given) he did have some mild side effects (nausea) but with some medication that was mostly controlled. His second dose of chemo is underway and we are hoping that he has IYH ZERO side effects and that it only does what it’s supposed to do which is shrink the tumor.

On Wed we will be pushing him a little harder to take longer walks as he’s still in pain from the surgery he had and hopefully he will be up to sitting in a chair and playing some games.

Eli’s class and his rebbe went out of their way and every single kid in his class wrote thoughtful, beautiful refua shelayma notes to Eli it really lifted his spirits. The amount of support and gifts Eli got today was unbeleivable he is using and loving all of it and so are his brother and sister who joined Eli in his room for a family dinner and didn’t want to leave. We also want to thank anyone and everyone for the enormous amount of different zechusim, kabalos and tzedaka people have undertaken for a zechus for Elimelech Ben Basya

One thought on “12/18/12

  1. Shani Ribiat

    I just wanted to wish Eli a Refuah Sheleima, and we are all davening for him. I hope everything goes as easy as possible.

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