Boruch Hashem Eli is feeling a lot better and was in a pretty good mood most of the day. He got a DS player from a special organization which he immediately put to very good use. He also had a choshuveh visit in the evening from reb Malkiel Kotler who was in town for a few short hours.

We finally sat down all afternoon today with the main DR for 3 hours to get a good idea of what the plan of treatment is going to be. He is starting chemotherapy this evening and IYH will continue here at CH for 5 consecutive days. Eli is aware of his situation and has asked many questions which have been very hard to answer but we have told him all he needs to know for now and he knows that at the end he will be the strong, smart beautiful child he was before all this began.

We are davening and hoping Eli reacts well to the chemo and that there should not be any negative side effects and that he should have the strength to fight this machla.

We can’t thank everyone who has reached out each in their own way we can feel it and no words will ever be enough to thank everyone who is helping us win this fight

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  1. jeremy gradon

    all the baltimore gradons are davening for you. we are also participating in the 10PM daily telephone sessions. – refuah shalimah!

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