Boruch Hashem we had overall a productive good day today with Eli getting back some of his strength enough to sit up and eat some real solid foods and take walk. Thanks to the tzadikim that brought tons of food enough for us to share with all the nurses on our floor so we can get all the extra special perks Eli (who we now call the king) can get anything and everything he needs so he can have the refua he needs.

He got a special visit from his rebbe from Torah Emes Rabbi Jacobs who got to spend some alone time with Eli and give him some much needed chizuk. Monday will be a full day of meetings with his dr outlining and beezrat Hashem even starting his chemotherapy which we hope and davening doesn’t have any harmful or painful side effects.

Thank you so much to everyone who has come thru in many different ways in helping us out and helping us during this hard and painful period in making it a lot easier

One thought on “12/16/12

  1. Judith Cohen

    Hi Gradon Family,
    you sound strong, and positive in your attitude. Davening and sending you wishes for Elimelech’s refuah sheleimah.
    Judith Cohen

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