Eli had a successful surgery on Friday to biopsy the tumor he has in his lower abdomen, and to insert a central line so that they can give him medication and IV without having to constantly prick him. He slowly started to wake up Friday night and was a little groggy but ok. We finally got him to start walking and eating a little late in the afternoon on Shabos. We had a very quiet Shabos with Eli which is what he needed. Thank you to the special visitors we got today who took the long walk.

Thank gd Eli is eating and recovering as planned and we are hoping that he will get strong to be up to the treatments they are planning for him this week possibly ad probably starting as soon as Monday.

We are davening that all goes as easy as possible with the least side effects as possible. Please keep Elimelech Ben Basya in your teffilos and chasadim as a zchus for a complete refua shelayma bkarov

One thought on “12/15/12

  1. Basie Rosenblatt (Tress)

    I got the email about your son Eli via my nephew Gershy Tress. I happen to be in Eretz Yisrael now and was so moved by what you wrote. I went to Har Hamenuchos today to Daven for him at the Kevarim of many great tzaddikim. It is my fervent hope that Eli will have a Refuah Sheleimah B’korov. I look forward to hearing good news.
    Basie Tress Rosenblatt

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