Hello to all and thank you for all your well wishes and thoughts

Today was a very long but good and productive day. We spent the morning having what’s called a bone scan. Eli had to lay without moving for about an hour while they took bone pictures from head to toe. Thank Gd the results are looking to be negative. We finally met the main Dr who will be the primary Dr for Eli. She was very helpful, caring and knowledgeable she explained all we need to know for right now.

Tomorrow and the weekend will be hard and long but we will be fine IYH. We will be checking into to CHLA at 7:30 am for a biopsy which will require us to stay in the hospital for 2-4 days of recovery. Once they have the tissue from the biopsy read they will decide a treatment plan and may possible start right away which will require an additional 3-5 days of being in the hospital.

We want to thank anyone and everyone who has emailed/texted/called with their brachas and wishes and sorry if we didn’t respond and hope you understand.

Hope to have a small good update on how the biopsy goes right before shaboa

Malkiel and Bassy

2 thoughts on “12/13/12

  1. Alfred and Sue Birnbaum London

    Malkiel and Bassy

    Sorry to hear your news and confident that B’ezras Hashem all will be well!

    Thinking of you all and davening for Eli here in London.

    Chazak Ve’ematz and Gut and Gesunte Woch

    Alfred and Sue

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