Looking forward to beezrat hashem never looking back. Final treatment of the final round is Thursday and we hope to have an easy day like bli ayin hora we had today. Eli had a few visitors today which he and we always appreciate and BH the IV ran exactly the amount of 10 hours that it was scheduled for.

Elimelech Ben Basya lrefua shelayma bkarov

3 thoughts on “1/15/14

  1. gila sacks

    amen, you all have truly run an exhausting, competitive, life saving marathon…..and may the journey end soon in eternal health for elimelech ben basya.

  2. gila sacks

    You guys have done a tremendous job of carrying Eli through all of this. May Hashem carry all of you right to a refuah shleima forever.

  3. Marcia Fine

    Baruch Hashem. So glad to read that things have gone so well with Eli. Look forward to reading more good good news and eventually to a full and complete recovery.
    Good Shabbos to the family.
    Marcia Fine

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