This is BH getting boring to read because there isn’t much to say or complain about. Eli had a great day and although he does get moody and upset sometimes pretty easily he’s learning how to deal with it. It’s not fun being home most of the day without friends or siblings around for this extended period of time. We give Eli a schedule daily that consists of what most kids his age are doing but not being in a classroom Makes it harder to actually follow. Hopefully he will be more up to it in the days ahead.

On WED morning Eli has a routine doctor appointment in CHLA and we are hoping it will be nothing more then what is planned and that’s to just check up on his blood counts and discuss the stem cell harvesting which IYH is scheduled for Monday. We have an idea about what it all means but I guess we will hopefully fully understand this after the meeting.

Please continue to davening for Elimelech Ben Basya on a daily basis so we can have great days under the circumstances like we have been having. Also that his counts should continue to be strong and that chas vshalom he should not develop any fevers (which unfortunately is very common to happen) which will land him back inte hospital.