Bli ayin hora the good days keep coming and we hope they are here to stay. Eli refused his nausea medication because he said “I feel fine don’t need it” so BH to that he seems to also be getting back the appetite that he used to have so we give him anything he wants to eat to keep him gaining weight (weight that he loses each round of chemo). He also felt up to having his rebbi Rabbi Jacobs come and learn with him this afternoon.

As the good days hopefully continue we also have to remember that many hard decisions and treatments lay ahead. There are a few ways to look at this one is 5 weeks down 65 to go or the way we have been trying to focus on which is BH all has gone well and will continue to stay that way until we see the full refua BKAROV. While Eli obviously can’t comprehend and doesn’t really know all of that he does know the immediate plan of treatment and understands and is the one keeping our spirits high with his many plans on what he wants to do when he is better and doesnt have a “line” attached to him.

BH my fathers hip surgery seems to have gone well in partial to the good advice that Eli gave but of course mostly to the tefilos that our family, friends, and the world has and continues to say. We hope to continue seeing Elimelech Ben Basya respond well on the road to his refua shelayma bsoch shaar choley Yisroel amen.