BH day 1 of 4 is finally over. While it wasn’t terrible it could of been better. They needed to pause the IV a few times because of some strong side effects but once they gave some extra medication it seemed to do the trick. Instead of the IV finishing at about 8PM it finished closer to 11PM. The good news is that after last nights blood transfusion which of course was direct-donor for Eli arranged always by Bikur Cholim Eli looks and feels a lot stronger.

The side effects today were all very typical side effects and we were told that with every passing round they are easier to happen. Eli experienced nausea, vomiting, hives and trouble breathing but BH each one after the machine was paused and extra medication given all went away pretty quickly. Of course the good news is that when Eli wasnt having these side effects which was most of the time he was in a very good and happy mood.
I forgot to note that on Sunday Elis morah and assistant from his class came to the house and brought Eli many prizes and presents and a special present with a picture of each of his classmates he really enjoyed and appreciated it and we look forward to beezrat hashem as soon as he is up to it to having Eli back in his classroom.

Please as always daven that the final 3 days of the treatment plan for Elimelech Ben Basya goes pain and side effect free.