Another very smooth uneventful day BH and that’s the way we like it. A good day these days consists of no doctors, no hospitals, no shots, blood tests all of which Eli has been subject to a lot over the last month+. Eli for the most part just relaxed at home and by his grandparents home. We did make a stop at target to get Eli a new DS game which he has become a pro at.

At his grandparents house Eli was giving his advice to his zaidy who will be undergoing hip replacement Monday morning Harav Boruch Yehuda Ben Fayrol and being the pro he gave a few good tips. So we hope on Monday to have a small change of the last month and instead of Eli’s zaidy visiting Eli, Eli will visit his zaidy in the hospital.

The next scheduled visit we have is on Wed just to make sure his blood counts are high enough in anticipation for his stem cell harvesting. (cells which are later put back into Elimelech Ben Basya after all sets of chemo are completed) we hope this goes as planned and we continue to need and appreciate everyone tefilos on Eli’s behalf.