Overall Eli was in a great mood and enjoyed Shabos very much. However he didn’t look good and didn’t have the strength he’s had lately either. He definitely needs a blood transfusion to bring back his coloring from the extreme pale look he has right now. The DR on call at CHLA said it can wait as long as he continues to eat and drink. So beezrat hashem he will continue doing just that so we don’t have to go earlier then what is planned which is about 9PM Sunday night.

Because he has low blood counts right now we will not be sending him to school on Sunday and we will hopefully enjoy a mostly quiet Sunday. We don’t CV want to risk any illness from anyone in the school.

Please as always continue davening for Elimelech Ben Basya that he should have a good day, week, month and IYH many more years of gezunt. A GUT VOCH. A GUT CHODESH