Eli didn’t have the best night sleep so we kept him home. He had to be anyway at CHLA at 12:45 for his MIBG injection. The remainder of the day he spent at home and visiting his Bubby and Zaidy.

On Wednesday is the MIBG scan which he will IYH have at 10AM and takes roughly 90 minutes of laying very still while a machine scans every bone in his body to beezrat hashem make sure its clear. We hope to get results same day but that’s not always or usually the case.

Please continue davening for Elimelech Ben Basya that all should be good, easy and clear and that we should have only good results.

One thought on “11/12/13

  1. נעמי איתן

    אנחנו מתפללים כל העת לרפואתו השלמה של אלימלך בן בתיה
    שנשמע בשורות טובות

    חיים ונעמי איתן

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