We had a very nice and quiet shabos for the most part. Eli has been a little more weak then we have seen him lately but we are hoping that he just a little short on blood and hopefully a blood transfusion will do the trick. He got out quite a bit over Shabos but was easily agitated and was a lot more emotional then he’s been. Friday night also started the dreaded shots which I hate to give and he obviously hates to get but was very brave and did the first 2 already.

Sunday night IYH is check in for round 7 of immunotherapy which is the last in patient treatment on the long list of treatments Eli has gotten. The plan is to be in CHLA from Sunday night to Friday morning. The immunotherapy can be very painful but we are hoping that Eli will be lucky and will be zoche to a pain free week.

My understanding from the DR is that after this round they will hopefully begin weaning Eli of the TPN which he has been on every night for many months now and hopefully he will be able to handle and hold down solid foods. He also has one more round of the strong accutane which are pills he takes twice a day for 2 weeks after this in patient week is done. This will be followed by another full round of scans and IYH when that is done the official treatments will all be done.

Being in NY for one day this week and. seeing many old friends and rabeim and hearing from each of them what they have done and continue to do bzchus Elimelech Ben Basya and along with many local friends and many people around the world has and continues to be very heart warming and beezrat hashem we look forward to finishing all the treatments and reaching the goal of a refua shelayama.