After a good night sleep Eli woke up and right away decided that today was the day he is going to have his cotton candy sale which he’s been waiting for to do a few months. Thanks to the many people that came and bought cotton candy Eli really appreciated it. Towards the end of his sale after being busy for a while with it he was exhausted and went for a rest.

At 8:30PM it was time to head back to CHLA. After going thru the admission process and getting to the room we realized why Eli was a little more weak then we expected him to be as his blood counts were low and he needed a blood transfusion which BH thanks to Bikur Cholim he has “yidishe” blood in a blood bank always waiting in case needed.

We are being told this week may well be the most brutal part of this entire treatment since diagnosis!!! It is a mixture of 2 different immunotherapries and it isn’t planned to be pleasant. If it goes as well as it can it is about 10 hours a day if it runs continuously if they need to turn it off or slow the rate down it will take longer. This will go on for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Once its shut Thursday night they will keep him in CHLA until Friday morning for observation. After that we will look forward to a 3 week break of immunotherapy but the first 2 weeks will be back on accutane medication again.

These next few days will be very trying for Elimelech Ben Basya and he and we will need a lot of extra davening to get thru it and we appreciate anyone that does just that.

One thought on “10/6/13

  1. Marcia Fine

    Please G-d things should go smoothly for Elimelech.. – We’ll be Davening for him.
    Stuart and Marcia Fine

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