As each day passes bli ayin hora Eli shows more and more improvement. It takes a good few days after being in the hospital for a week to recover and for him to get back to himself. We are gradually getting Eli back into school for as long as he can handle. Monday he was there until 12 and today he was there until 1:30 and the hope for Wed is for him to be there until 2:30 until he can handle a full day.

Hopefully this trend will only continue and pick up speed. Eli has also gained a few pounds and beezrat hashem that will also move along as much as possible. IYH sometime this week Eli will have his first haircut in nearly 11 months!!

Please continue having Elimelech Ben Basya in mind in all your tefilos so that we can reach the goals ASAP and ultimate goal of a refua shelayma.