Eli enjoyed the entire Shabos from start to end. He got to shul for all tefilos and was happy to be back where he belongs. He enjoyed the seudos and just being in his own bed. Shabos afternoon a few of Elis friends came to play and hang by our house which really lifted him up as well.

Eli continues to show daily improvements in many areas that are BH very encouraging. We hope that he will physically be up to being back in school this week as much as possible.

Other then a follow up DR appt on Monday we look forward beezrat hashem to a restful quiet week at home for Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley yisroel. A GUT VOCH

2 thoughts on “10/12/13

  1. Gila

    Hi Eli! I can’t wait to see you in class! Rabbi weiner is so nice! I can sit with you at recess. What jokes do you have? See you soon! Your friend, moshe

  2. Nechamy Silverman

    Dear Malkiel and Bassie,

    We were thrilled to hear the good news about Eli. Hope you can put all this behind you very shortly – Be’ezras Hashem! We think of you often! Refua Shlaima Bekoroiv!


    Nechamy and Ephraim

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